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Take Water Heating to the Next Level with a Noritz Tankless Unit (Demo)

We all want the latest and greatest in modern technology and the conveniences it provides—from that newest smartphone that recharges in less than an hour, to that wristwatch that plays video.  So, why not think the same way when it comes to tankless water heating technologies?

Tank-style water heaters are the equivalent of a car phone when you compare them to a tankless water heater from Noritz. As you probably know, conventional water heaters use a bulky storage tank to keep the water inside at a set temperature, whether it’s needed or not. Unfortunately, constantly heating and reheating water, even when it’s not being used, leads to wasted energy. That’s not much different from leaving your lights or stove on throughout the day while not in use.

The other downside—if the tank runs out of hot water, and you do need it for a shower, you have to wait…in the cold…for the water to warm up again. Brrrr.

Tankless water heaters solve all of these issues. First, the absence of a tank, in conjunction with the water heater’s wall-hung nature, means it takes up less space and makes it easier to keep the surrounding area clean. Its lighter weight means a single professional can handle the installation without the need for a helper, lowering the cost. Additionally, no tank means no flooded basement if there’s a leak.

The key benefit, however, is the constant flow of hot water that tankless provides on demand. When you turn on your tap, the water flow ignites the heater’s burner, which quickly flash-heats the water and gives you the green light to wash the dishes, do laundry or take a shower when you want to.

Even better, the hot water will continue flowing for as long as you need it, unlike when you take a shower using hot water from a tank, which can run out midway through.

Since tankless water heaters operate only when you need them, you can cut energy consumption up to 60 percent, making them environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Add to that a 20-year lifespan and 12-year warranty, and you will realize that you cannot afford not to switch.

Not sure how to go about switching from tank to tankless? No worries. Our Noritz Homeowners site will walk you through the process of choosing the right unit and finding the right installer. It will be one of the best plumbing decisions of your life.

Check out our latest video below for more information about tankless water heaters.