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Noritz Combination Boiler Provides Space And Water Heating

Groundbreaking NRCB Combination Boiler Unit Heats Space, Water Simultaneously

Combination boilers that provide both water- and space-heating have become a compact, Noritz NRCB_litsideenergy-efficient option for homeowners wishing to save energy and reduce their count of necessary appliances.

To date, all combination boilers on the market have operated in such a way that only water or space can be heated at any given time—never simultaneously. Although in many applications this hasn’t been an issue, some homes retain heat less efficiently, so that occupants may notice a dip in the ambient temperature when domestic hot water is in use.

Noritz has solved that potential problem by unveiling the NRCB—the first combination boiler capable of heating both water and space at the same time.

Heat what you want, when you want

Simultaneous heating marks a new standard in combination boiler design. It includes the full energy-saving power of a tankless water heater: no tank, no storage, no unnecessary heating of water when you’re not around. At the same time, its boiler heats your home at a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Since these functions can now be run simultaneously, you need not worry about any post-shower shivers due to the space temperature decreasing.

Get great tankless water heater rebates

The NRCB’s fuel-saving performance allows it to meet “Energy Star Most Efficient” standards, which represent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest efficiency rating. It has also achieved Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification. These distinctions qualify it for various state energy rebates, which will help offset the cost of switching to a combination boiler.

You can use the following online database to find local rebates: https://www.dsireusa.org/

Also worth noting are the NRCB’s low emissions (14 parts per million) that exceed expectations in all states, including California, which has the most stringent regulations.

Noritz uses high performance components in the NCRB

The NRCB is also the first combination boiler to use 316L copper primary and secondary heat exchangers, which have higher corrosion resistance than traditional heat exchangers. The payoff: increased durability and a longer lifespan. The product includes a 10-year warranty on heat exchangers, five years on parts, and one year on reasonable labor.

In addition, a flow control valve, unique to Noritz combination boilers, ensures a consistent temperature for domestic hot water, regardless of the incoming water temperature. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater domestic hot water flow and more precise temperature stability.

In addition, auxiliary pump connections, outdoor reset control and recirculation capability are all built-in, thus minimizing the number of separate accessories that must be purchased to perform those functions. Everything is right there in a compact, 100-pound unit.

The NRCB takes the best features of both boilers and tankless water heaters, combining them into one unit without sacrificing performance. Why have two appliances when you can have one that does the job of both more efficiently?

Learn more and/or find out how to install one in your home at https://www.noritz.com/NRCB/