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How to Navigate the Noritz Homeowner Site (Demo)

For many homeowners, tankless water heaters are relatively unknown. You may be used to thinking that water has to come out of that giant tank in your basement or garage. Hearing about tankless technology for the first time might, therefore, prompt a bunch of questions: Where does the water come from? How is the water heated? Thankfully, Noritz has designed the homeowner portion of its website to address precisely this.

Go to https://www.noritz.com and take advantage of the following:

• Scroll down and check out the “Why Noritz” video for basic information about how tankless water heaters work and their many cost-saving and comfort benefits. It’s the perfect introduction if you know nothing about tankless water heaters. The scrolling banners at the top of the homepage provide additional information on the newest products from Noritz, like the Combi boiler.

• If you like what you see in the video and want to learn about installing a tankless water heater follow our “Path to a Tankless Water heater.” In this section, simply type your zip code in three different search boxes to find (1) The right tankless model for your home’s hot water needs; (2) A local tankless installer who could give you a quote; (3) Information about local energy rebates you can qualify for if you install a tankless water heater.

Noritz Homeowner Site

• For those who aren’t quite ready to make the decision to go tankless, more information can be found in our Learn Section. The link is on the top menu and leads to a page with detailed information about tankless operation, the benefits of tankless over tank-style heaters and energy savings possible by making the switch.

• Already have a tankless water heater but need service or a specific question answered? Visit our Support Page by clicking the wrench icon on the homepage labeled “Support.” Although some of this information is for professionals, you can search for any answers you may need. Most convenient is our Need Service? feature, which allows you to search for a local service professional who will perform routine maintenance on your water heater, such as descaling and error code resolutions.

The Noritz website is not limited to the above aspects, but they represent some of the most helpful features we offer. We are constantly seeking new ways to make our website more applicable and user-friendly for homeowners, so stay tuned—there’s more to come.