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How to Use the QR Code in the Noritz PROCard Program (Demo)

How to Use the QR Code in the Noritz PROCard Program

Whenever you go shopping or look through a magazine, you may notice, on a product or product ad, several dots clustered together in the shape of a square. If you have the correct scanning application on your smartphone, you can scan these dots using your phone’s camera and receive a wealth of information on the given product.

Noritz PROCard QR Code

Known as a QR code, or Quick Response Code, this innovative technology connects users to relevant information in a fast and easy way. Recently, Noritz has placed QR codes on its products as part of its PROCard program for contractors in an effort to help them register tankless water heater installations and put product information right at their fingertips.

The new PROCard program allows contractors to receive and respond to consumer leads using the PROCard app. Although the QR code has multiple functions, it is used especially at the end of the installation process, when PROCard members scan it to record their completed job and product.

The QR code was incorporated into the PROCard program in an effort to:

  • Speed and simplify product/installation registrations for contractors.
  • Give contractors who are PROCard members points for their Noritz installations.
  • Reward active PROCard members by connecting them with more consumer leads.
  • Help Noritz keep track of its installations.

According to Andrew Tran, marketing supervisor at Noritz, “Under the old PROCard program, getting contractors to register their installations was more difficult and tedious because it required manually typing in a bunch of information.” The revamped PROCard app uses the built-in QR code scanner, which auto-populates much of this information, saving the contractor time and hassle.

“We wanted to make registering an installation so easy, that a contractor could do so right on site,” explains Tran.

Here’s how easy it is to use the QR code:

  1. Register for the PROCard program and download the PROCard app for your smartphone. Click here to do so.
  2. Use the QR code scanner on the PROCard app to scan the QR code on any Noritz product. This will give you all relevant information on the product (model & serial number, gas type, etc.).
  3. When you complete an installation through the PROCard program, scan the QR code to get points for the job, as well as to register the unit’s warranty on behalf of the homeowner. Although you will still need to type in the homeowner’s information, the QR code will allow you to auto-populate all other information, from the serial number and model number to the particular gas type.

The QR code opens up endless possibilities. Future updates will include various kinds of service and support for Noritz products, and a simple scan will yield manuals, videos, etc. “It will continue to develop into a pass code for info on all things Noritz,” says Tran.

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