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Revamped Noritz PROCard App Connects Qualified Contractors with Customers (Demo)

It’s time for an upgrade, contractors. Get The Noritz PROCard App.

Noritz PROCard App

Noritz is revamping its 13-year-old PROCard trade incentive program to better connect qualified, professional tankless water heater installers with prospective customers.

Chief among the upgrades is the new PROCard app that will deliver customer leads to a contractor’s cell phone, tablet, etc. more quickly, so that he can respond with equal speed — both to Noritz and to the prospective customer.



How it works:

  • If not already a PROCard member, a contractor must register on the program website.
  • A customer contacting Noritz online or by phone will have the option of selecting one or more installers listed on the brand’s website. Contractors will be listed according to their Noritz Power Rankings, based on customer reviews, activity on the PROCard website, speed in responding to leads and level of training received through Noritz workshops and/or online courses.

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  • The customer can also ask Noritz to recommend potential installers in his or her local area. Noritz will select up to five, based on their Power Rankings.
  • Whether selected by the customer or Noritz, all of the chosen contractors will be immediately notified.
  • A selected contractor will accept/reject the lead online or — more quickly — via the app.
  • In this first-come/first-served program, a contractor’s accepting the lead will automatically foreclose that opportunity for the other selected contractors, but the consumer has the option of contacting multiple contractors to submit bids.
  • Once the contractor who accepted the lead completes the installation or the service work, he registers the activity by going online or by scanning a QR code on the installed water heater with his smart phone. The QR code feature is new for Noritz.


The new app helps bring more leads to contractors, better enabling them to grow their tankless businesses. Concurrently, it helps ensure that customers interested in purchasing a tankless water heater are steered toward the most qualified and motivated installers in the industry.

For more information about the PROCard, please visit: https://procard.noritz.com/procard/

To download the PROCard app for Apple, please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/procard/id1110311645?mt=8

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