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Noritz Contractor Profile A-1 Total Service Plumbing (Demo)

A-1 Total Service Plumbing 

Tankless water heaters are Michael Henderson’s life. For the past six years, the Los Angeles-based plumbing contractor has specialized in installing only tankless—and only Noritz.

His first encounter with the brand came more than 25 years ago while stationed in Japan as a Battle Damage Repair Specialist for the U.S. military. “I had a Noritz water heater in my home back then and was thrilled with the unlimited hot water it provided,” he recalls.

Noritz Contractor Mike Henderson Upon returning stateside, Henderson decided to become a plumbing contractor. He eventually went to work for A-1 Total Service Plumbing in Los Angeles, where he remains to this day as that company’s tankless water heater specialist for residential, commercial and industrial applications. “The technical experience I gained in the military made the switch to working on plumbing systems and tankless water heaters much easier,” he explains.

Why Tankless?

Henderson cites tankless water heaters’ ability to provide unlimited hot water as the major reason he has chosen to specialize in them, versus traditional tank types.

The other major benefit is the energy savings that accumulate over the system’s life. “Although the upfront costs of tankless are higher, what many potential customers don’t understand is that long-term energy savings will compensate for them,” he says.

To illustrate, he mentions a recent tankless installation undertaken for an elderly woman living in Los Angeles County, which involved a Noritz NR981-OD water heater. “After the installation, this customer ended up saving 60 percent on her monthly utility bills because the tankless unit only fires up on demand, instead of throughout the day when not in use, and heats her water more quickly.

Henderson also praises the tankless water heaters’ smaller size. “Unlike a bulky tank, a tankless water heater is much more space-efficient,” he notes.

Why Noritz?

Although many plumbing contractors specialize only in tankless water heaters, Henderson takes it to the next level by specifying only the Noritz brand. “No other tankless manufacturer compares to Noritz in overall quality and durability,” states Henderson. “I have performed service on all major tankless brands and can attest that Noritz has the highest quality materials that last the longest time.”

Another advantage he notes is the ease with which certain Noritz units can adapt to a hot water recirculation system. “Unlike other brands, Noritz does not require any third party equipment, such as an external heat source, to run a recirculation system,” says Henderson, “which makes it much more straightforward to receive instant hot water.”

To those contractors still hesitant about adopting tankless technology, Henderson offers some advice. “As long as the initial installation is done properly and the customer understands the need to have routine service, like descaling, tankless will perform longer and more efficiently than any tank heater. I would not have specialized in Noritz tankless water heaters if I didn’t feel they were the best on the market.”

Henderson handles installations through A-1 Total Service Plumbing throughout California. For more information, please visit: https://www.a1tsp.com/