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Noritz EZ Series Makes Tankless Easy To Replace

Watch How the Noritz EZ Series Makes Swapping Out Tank for Tankless a Cinch

Easily and quickly replace virtually any size tank water heater with its corresponding EZ model.

Replacing a 40-, 50- or 75-gallon, storage-tank water heater is never fun. Aside from draining the tank and carrying the heater out, you must also create new plumbing connections. All that additional piping often raises material costs and labor time. But now, if you’re replacing a tank unit with a tankless water heater, you can count on a faster, easier installation with the EZ Series from Noritz.

Designed expressly for the North American market, the EZ Series of tankless water heaters comes equipped with top-mounted, hot- and cold-water connections, a half-inch gas line input, Noritz EZ Series - An Easy Replacementand has the option to use a flexible vent piping that can be fed directly through existing B vents. More on these key features in a bit.

The EZ Series includes two available bundle packages, called the EZTR50 and EZTR75. These packages contain the EZ98 and EZ111 tankless water heaters, respectively, plus a flex vent conversion kit (25 feet of two-inch flex) and an isolation valve kit.

The two new units join the EZTR40 to provide direct replacement options for 40-, 50-, and 75-gallon storage-tank water heaters. Now, no matter what size unit you must replace, the aforementioned features make it a seamless transition:

  • Top-mount water connections: Normally, tankless water connections are on the bottom of the unit, necessitating extra plumbing and labor. The EZ Series’ top-mounted connections allow the flexible water lines used by the previous tank heater to be quickly and easily reconnected to the new unit. Not only does this save time and money traditionally spent purchasing and running new plumbing around the unit, but the top-mounted connections also give the final application a cleaner look.
  • Multiple venting options: EZ units offer four different venting options. Besides outdoor installation in warmer climates, an installer can use dual- or single-pipe (made of PVC or CPVC), as well as two-inch Flex. The latter can be fed through the existing B-Vent — again saving time and new material costs.
  • Half-inch gas-line capability: EZ units may be able to use the same half-inch gas line as the tank units they are replacing. This time- and cost-saving option depends on incoming gas pressure and the distance of the water heater from the gas meter.

This trio of key benefits has been achieved in numerous field installations to date. Take, for example, Ben Bogie, owner of Built to Last Contracting in Connecticut, who recently specified an EZ unit for a residential project.

“The top-mounted connections are particularly useful to an installer,” says Bogie. “Not only do they save a bunch of labor, but the savings get passed along to the consumer as well.”

The EZ Series will help installers modernize any existing home to provide clean, energy-efficient hot water on demand. Going tankless has never been easier.

For more information and a great visual, check out this new video showcasing the benefits of the EZ Series from Noritz.