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Noritz Ends 7th Heaven Star’s Cold Showers

7th Heaven Star Beverly Mitchell Goes Tankless With Noritz

Beverley Mitchell went three weeks without hot water in her search for the right solution — tankless

Even Hollywood stars are not immune to broken water heaters and the resulting inconveniences. Beverley Mitchell — best known for playing Lucy Camden on the TV show 7th Heaven (1996-2007) — found this out when her 75-gallon storage-tank water heater burst, causing a very unglamorous flood in her garage.                        

Instead of immediately replacing it with another storage-tank heater, like most people do, Beverley and her husband decided to take their time and get it right.beverly mitchell and noritz tankless water heater “We had been thinking about going tankless for a really long time, so my husband wanted to research various options before making a decision,” she says. “The burst had taken us completely off guard, and we wanted to pick the right solution.”

Days turned into weeks. “I admit, my patience with my husband was wearing thin after he kept insisting on doing his ‘thorough’ research,” Beverley laughs. “I was literally boiling water just so my children could have warm baths. My cold showers were becoming downright painful. It was extremely humbling.”

Finally, after three frigid weeks, the Hollywood couple chose a Noritz-donated EZTR75 tankless water heating package as their solution. “We were impressed by the brand’s high quality and top-notch customer support,” Beverley says. “But most of all, we loved the product.”

Beverley highlighted the following features of the EZTR75 that most appealed to her:

Ease of Tankless Install

Beverley was thrilled with the simplicity of the replacement. Because the EZTR75 comes with top-mount water connections and is compatible with existing venting, it allowed for a direct, uncomplicated replacement of her 75-gallon, storage-tank water heater.

“It was great that we didn’t have to re-plumb anything or install new venting,” she says. “It was as clean a swap as you can imagine.”

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Hot Water Energy Savings

Unlike a storage-tank heater, which needs to fire periodically 24/7 to keep the water warm, a tankless unit fires only on demand, thereby using less energy. “We’ve seen a big dip in our gas bill,” Beverley notes, “It no longer fires when we’re not home.”

She’s even perceived another interesting effect. “I honestly feel the garage is cooler since we don’t have that old heater firing up all the time.”

Tankless Space Savings

Beverley is delighted about the extra space added to her garage with the removal of her bulky storage-tank heater. “I love that the new water heater is wall-mounted,” she says. “It looks very clean and has opened up a lot of space that we can use.”

WiFi Capability

The new unit is compatible with the recently introduced Noritz Connect WiFi application, which lets users monitor and adjust their water heaters on their mobile devices. “The WiFi is really cool, because we can control the heater from anywhere when we’re not home,” Beverley says. “I’ve already used it to turn my heater off remotely when I was out of town, and it was super easy.”


Most important of all for Beverley is that, after suffering without it for weeks, she now gets hot water anywhere in her home on demand. Plus, with the recirculation system that was also installed, she gets it nearly instantaneously.

“It’s a large house with four bathrooms and three showers that we use on a regular basis. My master bathroom is on the other side of the house, at the furthest possible point from the heater. We get hot water very quickly even there,” she says.

In the end, Beverley knows one thing for sure: “Never again will I take hot water for granted.” Her experience with cold showers and the need to boil water was aggravating, but it has also made her more grateful than ever for the benefits of tankless. “Even though those three weeks were rough, the end result has been far greater than I ever expected.”

To check out Beverley’s blog, visit https://www.growinguphollywood.com