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How to Get Full Visibility Over Commercial Tankless Water Heater Systems


Introducing the New Noritz NWCC Wi-Fi Adapter

If the facilities you own or manage use tankless water heater systems, you most likely battle to find the best way to monitor and control the hot water needs of each site. Never mind troubleshooting the error codes of each individual heater, while minimizing, if not preventing, overall tankless water heater system downtime.

For a solution look no further: The new Noritz NWCC Wi-Fi adapter offers an organized, web-based dashboard and alert system that provides full visibility and control over your commercial tankless water heater systems.

How it works:

The NWCC Wi-Fi adapter can be used on a single commercial tankless water heater as well as multiple-unit tankless rack systems where the adapter connects to the rack’s system controller. One adapter can monitor up to 24 units in a single system.

Monitoring your tankless water heater sites has never been easier. Using your laptop, tablet or phone you can now stay up to date and informed on everything you need to know, remotely and in real-time. Should a problem occur, the NWCC adapter immediately transmits, via the web, all the relevant actionable error information to your laptop or smart device, enabling you to take immediate action to solve the problem and prevent further issues.

While most monitoring is done via a dashboard, with notifications sent via text or email, a dedicated mobile app is also available for download on smartphones and tablets. The Wi-Fi adapter is compatible with both iOS (Apple) and Android. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of the NWCC Wi-Fi adapter:

Complete visibility

Although the NWCC adapter provides many benefits, perhaps the most important is that you can continuously track the operational status of multiple tankless water heaters. The adapter keeps you current with multi-site monitoring and site-specific notifications, so that you can quickly and accurately identify which location’s system needs attention and when.

Operational problems left unchecked can turn into added operational costs and are therefore critical to track. The adapter also ensures that your system functions properly and efficiently.

Reduced downtime

The NWCC Wi-Fi adapter notifies you when a heater needs your attention by offering early service alerts that trigger timely reminders via email or text, allowing you to proactively anticipate maintenance needs. Maintaining your tankless water heater system can help you reduce downtime related to repair issues.

Focused troubleshooting

Physically checking each individual tankless water heater in multiple systems — including those that don’t need servicing or aren’t actually causing the problem — can be unnecessarily time-consuming and tedious. The NWCC adapter pinpoints the problem and transmits all error data, so you can focus on the true complication.

Customized, logic-based alarms

The NWCC Wi-Fi adapter allows you to customize your dashboards and alarm systems to speed comprehension and decision-making. You can set up alerts and notifications to be sent to designated individuals, allowing you to decide who receives what information.

The best thing you can do for your commercial tankless water heater systems is to invest in a tool that identifies issues that prevent them from performing as intended. The NWCC Wi-Fi adapter does just that.  By understanding where problems originate, you can take proactive measures to direct your attention to the problem and ensure that your systems are in its optimal working condition.

As a manager, technician or mechanical contractor, it’s important for you to capitalize on the latest trends and newest technologies. The NWCC Wi-Fi adapter will keep your systems running efficiently with minimal downtime.

For more information about the NWCC Wi-Fi Adapter visit: https://www.noritz.com/commercialwifi/