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Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Noritz is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality tankless water heaters used all across the country. Below are just a few Noritz tankless water heater reviews from real customers.

“This is my 2nd Noritz. I installed my first one back in 2004 in a previous home. Definitely the only way to go! :)”


– Sam B., Beavercreek, OH

“The water heater works great and it’s so nice to be able to completely fill the large Jacuzzi bath tub with hot water without draining the tank.”


– Jim P., Redondo Beach, CA

“I am happy I have made the decision to call the Gas Company after I read about the Tankless Water Heater. It is great, my garage looks much bigger and the installation of my new Tankless Water Heater looks clean and very nice. Thanks again – job well done.”


– Barbara M., Tampa, FL

“After using my Noritz Tankless Heater for a few months, I am very pleased with its performance. My gas bill has been cut in half and I have hot water on demand, with no cold hot issues, like some that I have heard of. Thanks again for your assistance with the buying process.”


– Larry S., Madison, MS

“This is probably the most convenient home appliance I have ever purchased. It even has an 86% average efficiency. Had a couple issues on start-up. Tech support helped me through those hurdles. Thanks again for all the assistance!”


– Ron K., Augusta, GA

For more water heater reviews or to find the right Noritz unit for you, please contact Noritz toll-free (866)766-7489