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Why does this matter to installers?

At Noritz America we strive to answer your technical questions, so you can get the best value from our tankless water heaters and combination condensing boilers.

Our hope is to provide technical advice and support in a quick and easy format. The Noritz Tech Tip Series aims to solve technical problems and daily issues that arise in the field. This includes installation and maintenance issues, error codes, and other technical difficulties that can impact user experience.

What follows are short overviews of four of our latest Noritz Tech Tip installments, which are available in video format:

Tech Tip 1: Setting up the connections for a Noritz System Controller in commercial installations.

  • Locate the blue wires connected to the top of the remote control terminal and follow them to the Molex Plug labeled “90.” After disconnecting this plug, grab the blue wires with the yellow connectors coming from the system controller. One of these wires is labeled “To Connector 90.”
  • Connect this labeled wire to the previously disconnected blue wires. Locate the remaining disconnected wire and yellow connector and connect them.
  • Next, grab the black and red pair of wires coming from the system controller labeled “To Connector B5.” Inside the unit, connect them to another pair of black and red wires with a tag that says “System Controller.”
  • Finally, maneuver the remote control wires from the other units through the bottom of the primary unit. Find the right connector on the system controller and plug them together.

Watch the tech tip video here.

Tech Tip 2: Checking the outlet water temperature on your Noritz unit.

  • Note your set temperature before turning on the maintenance monitor mode. Turn off the remote and hold the up and down arrows until “03” appears on the screen.
  • Turn the unit back on, and notice the power and priority lights are on. Continue to press the up arrow until you get to maintenance monitor 31 (photo), where you will be able to see the water temperature sitting at the outlet. As you’re testing the faucet, the burner light will turn on when the unit has fired up.
  • Once the unit hits the set temperature, it will maintain it within two degrees. Turn off the faucet once the set temperature has been verified. You can also turn off maintenance monitor mode by once again holding down the up and down arrows.

Watch the tech tip video here.


Tech Tip 3: How to diagnose and service an error code 11 on your Noritz Tankless Water Heater.

  • Error code 11 is either due to insufficient gas or lack of spark. The image shows the minimum and maximum inlet gas pressures required, based on the maximum BTU Input and gas type, just as it shows on the rating plate of the unit.
  • Troubleshooting Step 1 – Checking inlet gas pressure: After shutting off the water heater, remove the screw from the inlet testport with a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the hose from a Digital Gas Manometer over the testport, and do not zero it out. After opening up the gas valve, the manometer will show the static and dynamic gas pressures.
  • Troubleshooting Step 2 – Cleaning the ignition rod: You will again need a Phillips Screwdriver and cleaning material. Carefully remove the screws from the bracket that holds the ignition rod in place. After pulling out the ignition, clean with a sponge, sandpaper, or a rough cleaning cloth of your choice. Re-insert the ignition rod and reconnect any wires. Look through the burner window to make sure the flame is ignited.

Watch the video here.


Tech Tip 4: How to bypass a temperature lockout on your Noritz Tankless Water Heater, using your included remote.

  • After turning off your remote, hold the flow meter alarm set until the temperature starts flashing.
  • Hold the arrow down until you reach the setting of your choice.
  • You will see the old temperature, but now you can set it higher after powering the remote back on.

Watch the video here.

What’s Next?

Here are several upcoming Noritz Tech Tips to look forward to:

  • Programming of the NRCR remote
  • Checking error code history

We know that technical support is a critical element of your overall user experience. At Noritz, we strive to provide innovative, accessible support, at all levels, to our installer audience.

Is there a particular technical issue or error you would like Noritz to cover? Share your ideas, comments and questions here.