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The updated Noritz website offers increased convenience and accessibility to vital information for professionals and homeowners.

Ready to have full access to Noritz offerings and information? The upgraded Support & Parts Website from Noritz America has everything you need for your residential and commercial projects, with all the information readily available at any time.

Quick search for parts

For fast information on a product, simply begin to enter a model or a part number. If you are unsure of the full number, the built-in suggested search will assist with filling in the blanks.

Still unsure which part is needed for your tankless water heater? Once the results appear, you can easily sift through 1,500 different Noritz parts available for order. Selecting a specific part will also provide ready access to other vital information, such as “technical literature,” “tankless diagram,” and “technical specs.” These options will help viewers fully understand a water heater’s schematics, as well as its location and role in a tankless water heating system.

Saving time with online purchasing

Before the new Support and Parts website, Noritz tankless water heater parts had to be purchased by phone. But the days of remaining on-hold and waiting to speak to the correct representative are long gone.

With the improved website, U.S. homeowners and contractors can now easily order Noritz parts through their smartphones. After finding the best solution, simply select how many units you would like to purchase and hit “BUY” to add them to your cart. If a part has been discontinued, the new site will inform you and suggest a replacement.

Quick tip: All verified Noritz PROCard members can create an account with us to receive discounted pricing on Noritz parts and personalized support from our experts! Sign up here.

Features for your convenience

● Technical documents: Click this button to find accessible support documents and warranty information.

● Product information: This section will deliver general and technical information regarding your tankless water heater of choice.

● Knowledge base: This Noritz customer go-to delivers FAQs and details on troubleshooting.

● Catalogs: You can quickly view our product guides, commercial catalog, and business catalog through the new website.

● Case studies and videos: Learn about real-world, residential and commercial applications for Noritz tankless water heaters and their parts.

● Service and live technical support: View additional resources and reach out to a Noritz expert for any remaining questions you may have!

The new Noritz Parts and Support website is yet another expression of the Noritz “EZ” philosophy and mission to always make the customer experience easier and more convenient. Check out the new Support and Parts site today!