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Sizing & Flowrate

Noritz prides itself on being the best tankless water heater manufacturer to supply all of your commercial hot water needs. To determine which tankless water heater model is right for you, you first need to identify your peak hot water usage. The estimation chart shown can guide you to find the right sized commercial tankless hot water heater for your commercial building.

Each showerhead illustrated below is about 2 GPM, which is roughly what a standard showerhead, bathroom sink, dishwasher, and washing machine would use. To meet all commercial hot water heater needs, these tankless hot water heaters can be linked together to provide on-demand hot water for every application. The number of showerheads next to each series shows the heater’s capacity of providing hot water simultaneously.

PLEASE NOTE: The chart is for ESTIMATION ONLY. Before installation, have a registered plumber size the application according to Noritz Specification Sheets to ensure the model can accommodate your hot water needs.

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