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Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request Form

Noritz America may service its products under conditions stipulated in applicable product warranty terms and as outlined below:


• RMA Request Form must be filled out completely and submitted online. Submission of RMA Request Form serves as a request only and is NOT an authorization.

• RMA Request Form processing may take up to 10 business days from the date of submission of a complete RMA Request Form.

• Once RMA Request Form is processed and Return Authorization # is issued to the applicable customer, the applicable customer may return the product.

• Return Authorization # issued by Noritz America must be clearly indicated on the outside of the packaging.

• Product must be returned with a copy of Return Authorization notice issued by Noritz America and the packing slip.

• Any product returned without a Return Authorization # and proper documentation will be rejected and returned to the applicable customer.

• Applicable customer is responsible for shipping fees associated with returning the product. Noritz America recommends customers to obtain shipping insurance as Noritz America takes no responsibility whatsoever for damages occurring during transit.


Noritz America will not accept for credit any water heater or accessory which has been installed and put into service. Noritz America strongly recommends that all troubleshooting be coordinated through the Noritz America Technical Service Department (866-766-7489, option 1). After proper investigation, Noritz America will provide either a replacement part(s) or a replacement unit based on the warranty status. Under no circumstances will Noritz America issue credit for units removed from the installation location without prior authorization.

• All heaters must be returned to California for repairs.

• Upon receipt of the product, Noritz America will inspect and determine the necessary repairs. Repairs under warranty will be performed in accordance with the warranty. Repairs deemed non-warranty will be charged to the customer including parts, labor and shipping fee. Non-warranty repairs are subject to a minimum service fee of $60.

• Noritz America will request authorization from the customer before completing non-warranty repairs in excess of the minimum service fee or the customer pre-approved amount.

• In case the customer provides no instructions or response to Noritz America’s request on handling of the service and if the product is left in Noritz America’s possession for more than 5 business days, such products may be either returned to the customer at the customer’s expense or disposed of at Noritz America’s discretion.

• Upon completion of the repair, the product will be returned to the customer. Shipping costs for non-warranty repairs will be charged to the customer.

*Before removing water heater from its installed location, Noritz America strongly recommends troubleshooting with the Noritz America Technical Service Department at (866) 766-7489.