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Research Shows Majority of Showers Lack Sufficient Water Pressure & Heat (Demo)

You’re not the only one who complains about their shower.

A new consumer survey, the 2012 Noritz Continuous Hot Water Report, shows that numerous Americans are frustrated by either the lack of water pressure or having enough hot water. Thirty-six percent of respondents complain of slow hot water or the lack of sustained hot water, while 32% reveal that the lack of water pressure is the most annoying aspect of their bathing rituals.

Noritz Continuous Hot Water Report

“Increased demand, such as frequent showers or simultaneous use of multiple hot water appliances, places a tremendous burden on conventional tank water heaters, which necessarily have a finite storage capacity to meet demand,” says Jason Fleming, marketing manager for Noritz America. “A properly sized tankless heater, however, will never run out of hot water.”


Noritz polled consumers across the country this summer to learn about their bathing habits and found the majority of us start our day with an eight-minute shower, although many (nearly one-in-three) linger more than 13 minutes.

Meanwhile, some women enjoy spending more than 16 minutes showering or bathing, or almost twice the ratio of men taking that long.  In fact, the research found that men are twice as likely to get clean in under five minutes.

Noritz Continuous Hot Water Report

Beyond leaking or otherwise broken units, three in five of homeowners surveyed said that lowering utility bills and saving energy would be primary reasons to replace their water heaters.

Instead of wasting energy and money by continuously heating water stored in a tank-type water heater, tankless technology heats water strictly on demand, so homeowners only pay to heat the water they need.  Homeowners can cut operating costs up to 40 percent by shifting from conventional tank-type water heaters to a tankless unit.