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On-control for your NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater at the touch of button with Noritz’s new, innovative technology

It’s no secret that Noritz’s NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater — with its built-in recirculation pump — can provide hot water at the shower or the tap almost instantaneously, whenever you need it. Regardless of your home’s current piping setup, this tankless model can be a simple solution to the need for hot water on demand by recirculating warm water throughout your plumbing system.

While the NRCR is already a convenience for home owners by always keeping hot water ready and available, you can now access that hot water through the newest Noritz addition to the NRCR accessory line: the Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit.

Introduced this spring, the push button kit accessory is sold separately, but is compatible with NRCR models. Offering instant, endless hot water at the touch of a button, the kit includes a wireless receiver and two wireless transmitters to start and stop the NRCR on-demand recirculation mode.

In short, the kit is an easy and clean method to convert the NRCR to a push button operation. Customers are not required to use this specific kit, but other kits on the market would involve either (1) wiring the transmitters to the unit (the push buttons that are currently available, for example); or (2) building a piecemeal kit using items purchased elsewhere. The Noritz Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit, on the other hand, offers maximum convenience and flexibility, using either batteries or a wall plug-in (via USB connectivity).

The included receiver and transmitters make the kit easy to install and use. The receiver is wired to the water heater itself, so that whenever the transmitter button is pressed, the pump immediately activates. Whether paired with a crossover valve kit or a conventional return line, the pump will then provide water to prime the line.

The receiver and transmitters replace the previous method of a time- or temperature-based schedule for water heater activation. By offering greater user control, the technology reduces system runtime, saving even more energy.

In addition, the push button kit accessory is Title 24-compliant, offering West Coast customers the ability to have hot water on demand while meeting building code requirements and saving energy.

The Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit reflects the Noritz “EZ” philosophy. Our mission is to make customer experience easier and more convenient, while also providing superior comfort. The kit is the latest innovation to fulfill that commitment.

Interested in learning more about the Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit? Reach out to an expert at Noritz today!