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Noritz Contractor Profile: Richard Yazmajian (Demo)

Richard  YazmaijianFor more than two decades, Richard Yazmajian has been solving commercial and residential plumbing issues across the Los Angeles area. Based in Chatsworth, he regularly serves customers in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.


Yazmajian, owner of Richard’s Plumbing and Rooter, has been a one-man shop for much of his career, which spans to 1994. Although he can handle virtually any job, he tends to work on residential applications the most.



Unlike many plumbers who prefer to stick with convention and install tank-type water heaters, Yazmajian has embraced tankless water heating technology since the early 1990s. Part of this results from a receptive attitude among California’s customers for the technology, but most of it is due to Yazmajian’s appreciation for the technology’s simplicity and energy-saving benefits.


“Tankless water heaters offer my customers an endless supply of hot water only when they need it, thereby saving energy” says Yazmajian, who also praises the benefits of there being no tank. “Without a tank, you don’t have that extra, space-eating weight, not to mention the potential for a catastrophic leak. Out here in California, this is even more advantageous, due to our earthquakes. If an earthquake topples a conventional tank water heater, it will cause significantly more damage than if a little no-tank unit falls.”


tankless install To that point, Yazmajian also likes that tankless water heaters are not only compact, but also wall-mounted, allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere.

Although he praises the technology in general, there is one brand Yazmajian trusts the most. “I started exclusively using Noritz water heaters about eight years ago when I visited the company’s Fountain Valley headquarters for training,” recalls Yazmajian. “Noritz’s high-quality manufacturing, ease-of-installation and reliability have always appealed to me as an installer.”


Yazmajian has installed various Noritz units. One of his favorites for smaller, two-to-three bathroom applications, is the EZTR40. “By using the existing gas line and venting, not to mention its top-mounted connections, the EZTR40 saves me installation time, which means cost-savings for my customers,” he explains.


Energy Savings in Northridge
Recently, Yazmajian installed an NRC98 condensing water heater at a residence in Northridge to serve three bathrooms. His customers’ original tank-type water heater had sprung a leak, and he had recommended they go tankless. Although he had some difficulty removing the concrete platform supporting the original water heater, Yazmajian reports the actual installation was simple and straightforward, lasting no more than five hours. He also included a buffer tank to ensure his customers would not feel the infamous “cold water sandwich” (when users feel a spurt of cold water in the midst of a hot-water flow).


By choosing the no-tank option, Yazmajian believes his customers will possibly save upwards of $1,000 per year on energy.
“Unlike a conventional water heater, which must constantly turn on to keep the stored water hot, the Noritz unit heats water only when my customers need it, saving them money,” he explains.


“The state of California also offers various energy rebates that they can take advantage of to offset upfront costs.” Experiences like the above reinforce Yazmajian’s dedication to Noritz. “There’s no brand I trust more, and it continues to be my exclusive option for tankless,” he concludes.


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