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The AHR Expo is an annual event held for HVACR professionals in the industry and attracts the most comprehensive group from around the globe each year. The show provides a unique forum where manufacturers and supplies can come together and share ideas as well as showcase the future of HVACR technology. This year Noritz America exhibited alongside other Noritz Group subsidiaries such as Peerless Boilers and Facilities Resource Group.

The Noritz America showcase included their flagship models such as the EZTR, NRCR, NRCB, and Commercial NCC199CDV. Making its debut at the 2023 AHR Expo, this new hybrid unit provides a continuous hot water supply and quick hot-water recovery with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

The Hybrid Hot mounts the Noritz NCC199CDV commercial condensing tankless water heater onto a 119-gallon storage tank. The tankless unit draws cold water from the side port of the attached tank.

Once heated within the NCC199CDV to the desired temperature, set between 100°F to 185°F, the heated water travels via a pipe that connects the hot-water outlet at the bottom of the tankless water heater to a port located on the side of the storage tank near the top.

The combination of the storage tank and tankless water heater in the Hybrid Hot Series offers flexibility for indoor commercial applications, such as restaurants and hotels, that require a large dump load of hot water over a short period of time without the use of multiple tankless water heaters. The hybrid unit has a 317 GPH (gallons per hour) delivery rate and is equivalent to two tankless water heaters.