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Before a contractor begins installation of a new commercial water heater, he must answer a number of critical questions, such as the best type of water heater and the number of units needed to meet the building’s hot-water needs. With the upgraded Noritz commercial calculator, critical project details like these can be easily recommended in just a few quick steps — all at your fingertips. The calculator serves as an excellent reference point for getting estimates of initial water heater information.

Our new and improved commercial calculator is compatible with all web browsers, and is mobile-friendly for those who bring the calculator on the job. With simplified features, an updated look, and improved APIs, the calculator is now smarter and, as a result, more user-friendly.

The calculator serves as a commercial water heater project guide without the need for much prior knowledge. You can explore the new calculator here.

How does the commercial calculator work?

1. The calculator requests various inputs from the user: type of job, zip code, location of the heater (inside or outside), and what type of gas will be used.

2. The calculator then uses this information to automatically recommend a type of tankless water heater and/or suggest a certain number of tankless units to meet the project’s specific demand.

3. The basic information is readily available for the user. When further questions arise, the calculator provides a way to contact Noritz directly, as well as an opportunity for users to enter their contact information.

Updated features = easy user experience

The program is easy to use, with many of the inputs being auto-populated. Once initial information is entered, corresponding fields will be automatically updated. However, they can be adjusted manually as well.

What if the job’s location is the only known information? No need to worry! For example, the groundwater temperature, a field that is commonly unknown, can be computed by simply entering the correct zip code. The groundwater temperature field will auto-populate to the correct area temperature. In addition, the area elevation will automatically be updated.

Both of these factors are new additions to the calculator and are necessary for selecting the correct size of tankless water heater for the project. Depending on the job site, even a set point temperature can be determined by the calculator.

Minimizing steps and streamlining projects

In the past, a contractor choosing a tankless water heater would first contact Noritz or a local representative for sizing assistance. Next would come price quotes and selecting the accompanying parts and accessories, etc.

The commercial calculator streamlines these steps, which saves time. The installation process can get started faster once the installer has a basic idea of the suggested models, their cost, and questions they may have in advance.

Many know tankless heaters are a great option, but don’t know where to begin. Hesitate no more! Let the commercial calculator be your starting point to help speed and simplify your commercial water heater projects. Head in the right direction with Noritz.

Interested in learning more about the Commercial Calculator? Reach out to an expert at Noritz today!

*The tankless water heater information provided by the commercial calculator serves primarily as a reference point. If special fixtures, requirements or inputs are needed for a specific job, a Noritz expert can offer greater detail on the type and amount of water heaters necessary compared to the use of the commercial calculator itself.