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Find An Installer For Your Noritz Tankless Water Heater (Demo)

Noritz Outbound Sales Team

The Noritz Outbound Sales Team Can Help You Find The Right Installer 

It’s not always easy finding the right plumbing contractor to install your appliance. Some plumbers do stellar work and make sure you won’t have any flushing, washing or soaking problems, while others may not. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to know “who’s who” going in.

Obviously, you want all your plumbing jobs to be done correctly and affordably. When it comes to installing tankless water heaters, Noritz has you covered with its new outbound sales team. Designed to do all the difficult work of finding and coordinating an installer for you, the outbound sales team saves you time and hassle.

It works like this: You the homeowner contact Noritz about installing a tankless water heater. You can do this directly online through the Contact Us page, or get general information through the live chat service on www.noritz.com.

Noritz’s friendly and helpful Customer Care Department locates various installers in your area and lets you pick one. Criteria used to find the right plumber include proximity to your home, scheduling and ranking in Noritz’s points-based PROCard program, which takes a potential installer’s tankless training into account. Note that another great tool Noritz offers is the Find an Installer page on its website.

Once you pick a plumber, Noritz coordinates an installation date and that’s it! As you can see, it takes minimal effort on your part. When the installation is complete, Noritz will call you to follow up on warranty and rebate information.

The follow-up is also your opportunity to let Noritz know how the installation went. If you experienced any sort of problem, Noritz will work with you until it’s resolved. Since plumber rankings in the PROCard points program are impacted by customer satisfaction, members are encouraged to put forth their best effort on each installation job.

“Our new outbound sales team eliminates the pain points often experienced by customers when they try to coordinate a tankless installation on their own,” explains Andrew Tran, marketing supervisor at Noritz. “Let us handle the often time-consuming task of finding and coordinating the right installer for you.”

Indeed, Noritz’s new outbound sales team gives you another reason to go tankless.