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Local plumbing contractors offered easy accessibility to all Noritz tankless water heaters and parts outside of strict, will-call hours

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — As the leader in energy savings through superior hot-water delivery, Noritz America recognizes the invaluable role professional plumbing and HVAC contractors play as the face of the company to their residential and commercial customers. The goal is to empower contractors with the most innovative tankless hot water heaters and combination boilers.

With this partnership in mind, Noritz America remains committed to providing contractors ready accessibility to their products. External factors, such as long work hours and traffic delays, often prevent mechanics and technicians from picking up products during normal, daytime will-call hours. Given the demanding nature of their jobs, having product readily available even after hours is a top priority.

Recognizing this importance, Executive Vice President and General Manager Jason Fleming proposed giving contractors full accessibility to Noritz products after normal will-call hours at the company’s Fountain Valley headquarters warehouse — but without requiring the warehouse staff to work extended hours.

This idea triggered the recent implementation of an after-hours pickup program, giving local professionals accessibility to the full Noritz product offering 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Below, Fleming answers questions regarding this innovative new protocol.

Why after-hours pickup?

Question (Q): What influenced the decision to implement after-hours pick-up?

Jason Fleming: Noritz decided to implement this idea to support our contractors. Our will-call hours remain rigid to support the Noritz team within the warehouse. We allow time for our employees to do their work and leave after they complete their shifts.

Factoring in Orange County and Los Angeles traffic, driving distances, and other external factors, contractors may not make it within will-call hours. We wanted to offer contractors peace of mind, knowing they can still pick up product beyond those hours. We’ll make our products available to you based on your schedule.

Q: Is this open to the public or specifically to professional contractors?

Fleming: After hours pickup is available for the first three contractors that place a request. At this time, it is on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.

Q: Is there a specific Noritz employee dedicated to this program?

Fleming: The employees at the warehouse will be actively involved in fulfilling the after-hours requests and ensuring that the products requested are without damage. Our team will inspect items before securing them in the cage.

Q: Can you go into detail on the location of the actual pickup cage?

Fleming: The cage has been installed at our Grace Avenue headquarters in Fountain Valley. We have a gate on the right-hand side when pulling up to the building. The cage is located in front of the gate on the left-hand side.

Q: Can you describe the cage itself?

Fleming: The black cage is fabricated with metal and enclosed on all sides. The front of the cage consists of a mesh wire material, so that the contents are easily visible. There are two medium-sized bins as well as a large bin. A master lock secures the cage and requires a code to unlock.

Question: Is this specifically for parts or any item?

Fleming: The largest bin in the cage can fit our largest water heater, so the cage has the capacity for any type of purchase.

How does it work?

Q: What is the procedure for setting up and completing an after-hour pick-up?

Fleming: Here’s the step-by-step process for pick-up:

1. The contractor calls the Noritz sales administrative staff at 866-766-7489, option 3 to request an after-hours pickup.

2. The contractor is then assigned a locker and pickup time and must download the Master Lock Vault app on their device. The contractor must then arrive at their designated time, or they will no longer have access to the cage.

3. When the contractor arrives at their designating time, the lock will be activated. Access will be sent via email or cell phone from noreply@masterlockvault.com with an organization ID and temporary password. The organization is NoritzAmerica.

4. The contractor then opens the app and will be asked to set up a new password and agree to the terms and conditions. Match the designated lock number to the cage and on the lock and verify accordingly.

5. Push the center button on the lock, and the light should turn blue. The key symbol will appear on your device’s screen. Push the key symbol to unlock the lock. Sign and date the picklist and leave it in the case. Ensure the lock is activated before you walk away with the product!

Q: What happens if the contractor comes across issues with the app?

Fleming: We have the ability to assist the contractor over the phone by walking them through the process. Contractors can contact Aris at 949-468-8795 or Justin at 714-948-6722.

Q: What is the time frame for pickup after the request is placed?

Fleming: The item can be picked up any time after close of business until the following day. If not picked up the space will be cleared for another customer.

Q: Is this something Noritz may implement at other locations?

Fleming: We just installed the cages recently, so if we see Southern California contractors using after hours pickup often enough, it would be a great option to offer at our other locations as well.