Remote Controller

Set the temperature of the water that comes out of your faucets and showers. Access temperature lockout safety feature to avoid scalding hot water to come out of your faucet.

(Remote Controller included with tankless water heater purchase.)

Part #: RC-7649M  -  Remote Controller

Remote Controller Cord
 The 26 ft. remote controller cord is perfect if you need to place the remote at a more convenient location in your home.
(10 ft. remote controller cord is included with tankless water heater purchase)
(Included with heater purchase.)
Part #: RC-CORD10  -  All models
Part #: RC-CORD26  -  All models

Remote Outdoor Junction Box

The remote controller outdoor junction box is necessary to protect the remote cable from water exposure when installing the tankless water heater outdoors, since the remote controller is indoor use only.

Part #: 0700757  -  NCC199-SV, NC199-DVC, NC250-SV-ASME, NC380-SV-ASME

Pipe Cover

To help protect your plumbing pipes from freezing temperatures or if you just prefer not to see the plumbing underneath the tankless water heater, the Pipe Cover is your solution.  Note: This is a stainless steel pipe cover which matches the heater.

Part #: PC-2S  -  NC199-OD
Part #: PC-3S  -  NC250
Part #: PC-3S-SUS  -  NCC199
Part #: PC-4S-SUS  -  NC380

Quick-Connect Cable

The Quick-Connect cable is used to link two identical heaters together.  This allows both tankless water heaters to communicate with each other using only one remote controller.

Part #: QC-1  - 

System Controller

The System Controller is necessary when you're connecting 3 or more identical units together.  This controller allows multiple tankless water heaters to communicate off of one remote controller.

Part #: SC-201-6M  -  All Commercial Models
Part #: SC-201-12M  -  NCC199, NC250, NC380
Part #: SC-201-24M  -  NCC199, NC250, NC380
Part #: SC-201-6M-EXT  -  NC199 only

Noritz brand water softener. Protects your unit from lime scale build up and corrosion. The compact size allows for easy installation. (Includes 1 cartridge)
Part #: SS-HB-1  -  NCC199
Part #: SS-HB-2  -  NC199, NC250, NC380

ScaleShield Cartridges

1 Replacement cartridge for the ScaleShield.

Part #: HBC-1  -  NCC199
Part #: HBC-2  -  NC199, NC250, NC380

Isolation Valve Kit

The Isolator Valve Kit is highly recommended when installing a tankless water heater unit.  Valve handles are positioned for easy access and operation, even in a recess box installation. Easy access full port drain valve assures effective system maintenance (pressure relief valve included).

Part #: IK-WV-7-TH / SW  -  NC199 and NCC199
Part #: IK-WV-8-TH / SW  -  NC250
Part #: IK-WV-9-TH / SW  -  NC380

Vent Cap

Vent Cap for outdoor installations

Part #: VC-4-1  -  NC250-SV-ASME
Part #: VC-132  -  NC380-SV-ASME
Part #: VC-4C  -  NCC199-SV