Noritz Water Treatment Applications

Commercial H2Flow is the answer to effectively handle hard water scale build up that can affect the performance of your appliances. This breakthrough technology has now been made available for all water heater types, including tankless, boilers, and tank type water heaters. H2Flow is an economical solution to hard scale build up that can help to protect your appliance for years to come.

  • Designed for all water heater types and models regardless of manufacturer
  • Prevents the formation of scale to improve efficiency and prolongs the life of the water heater
  • Uses no sold or harmful chemicals and provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to water softners
  • 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", and 2" connections available for quick and easy installations and servicing
  • Low Maintenance - replace the H2Flow media once every three years
  • High-capacity units are also availlable for unlimited sercice flow rates when manifolded


No Electricity (Maintains Efficiency)

Lower your operating costs. No electricity needed to run H2Flow. Also, no regeneration down period.

No Maintenance (No Salt, Zero-Discharge)

Virtually maintenance free. Media replacement every three years. Extends life of heating system components. Reverses existing scale problems.

Compact Design (Save Space)

No waste water tank or salt storage needed. No need for cranes or helicopters to transport. Each unit has a small footprint and can fit in confined areas.



Commercial H2Flow vs. Conventional Softening: Space Requirements

How Does it Work?

  • H2Fllow media uses template assistated crystallization (TAC) to attract hardness minerals and convert them into harmless "soft" scale particles that do not stick to pipes and components.
  • The harmless crystals will not stick to your pipes, tankless water heater or other downstream components.
  • H2Flow achirved a 99.6% effectiveness rating in scale prevention


 CH2F10-30 Systems
Dimensions (nominal - inches)
a 47 47 49 58 55
b 46 46 48 57 54
c 7 8 9 10 12
d 1 1 1 1 1
e 3 3 3 3 3

 Click here for Noritz Commercial Manual on the CH2F10-30


Dimensions (nominal - inches)
a 17 17
b 14 16
c* 79 79
d 65 65
e* 10.25 10.50

*The overall height and the height of the inlet fitting varies due to material variations and assembly tolerances. Please allow additional clearance above the tank for making connections.


 Click here for Noritz Commercial Manual on the CH2F50-75

Multi-System Applications

Multiple H2Flow units can be installed in a multi-tank setup piped together in parallel that can increase the treatment capacity.  

 12 ea 75 GPM CH2Flow System servicing up to a total of 900 GPM              Point of Entry System

Ensure proper sizing for the system for maximum performance and treatment.

Use the Sizing charts below as a guide to find the proper H2Flow model for your particular application (typical flow rates for 70F and 100F temperature rises are provided).                              

The model name of the H2Flow unit will indicate the maximum service flow rate for that specific model. For instance, the CH2F-16 has a maximum service flow rate capacity of 16 GPM.

Note: Exceeding the maximum flow rating can reduce the effectiveness of the media and also void the Commercial H2Flow warranty.

Click Here for Noritz Commercial H2Flow Multi-Unit Application Sheet

! Important Note about Iron, Manganese, and Copper in the Water Supply

Click Here for information on Iron and Manganese

Click Here for information on Copper

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