Thirty N-0841MC-DV natural gas units were installed to supply hot water to 184 guest rooms, a full kitchen and a laundry. The units were set up in  two multi-systems. 20 of the units were set at 120 degrees for the guest rooms and 10 of the  units were set at 140 degrees for the kitchen and laundry.
Originally the hotel had planned on installing boilers and storage tanks.  Butch Pendegrass of Pendegrass Plumbing suggested a Noritz tankless system for its energy savings, space savings, simplicity of the system, redundancy and the fact that no boiler inspections were needed. The estimated energy savings for this hotel, compared to the original plans is about 12-15% annually.


Location: Hotel Sierra
City: Raleigh-Durham, NC
Max. occupancy: 184 guest rooms 


Location: Indoor  installation, Mechanical room
Applications: 184 showers, a full kitchen and a laundry
Vent set-up:


Noritz units: System #1: Twenty N-0841MC-DV, System #2: Ten N-0841MC-DV
Noritz accessories: Isolator valves (IK-WV-7-TH) and System Controllers (SC-201-24M & SC-201-12M)
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption:
System #1: Max. 3,998,000 btuh – Min, 11,000 btuh
System #2: Max. 1,999,000 btuh – Min, 11,000 btuh
Flow rate performance:
System #1: 0.5 – 222.0 GPM
System #2: 0.5 – 111.0 GPM
Temperature settings: 100-181.4 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated)